A majority of our customers across Canada have been those with little reasonable access to utility power. More and more people living with utility power are seeking ways to get completely off -the grid, or reduce their dependency on ‘dirty’ power made by the utility companies. Others simply want to be energy independent and free from flat rate service charges of large multinational companies and governments, which penalize those who use electricity wisely.
    Photovoltaic (PV) produced electricity is used on all continents. There is simply nowhere on earth that PV modules aren’t viable; they work wherever the sun shines. Living successfully with a renewable energy power system begins with the knowledge, experience and information resources of the people from whom you buy the system. The technical aspects of renewable energy can be found in books at any library or from many other sources. However, there are few end user oriented, and hands-on sources, as thorough as the information sections you’ll find in this catalogue. Each section begins with a preamble explaining what the product is intended for, its specifications and other data including size, weight and length of warranty.We can’t cover all information for each and every product due to space limitations. We can and will answer any questions, any time, about any product in this catalogue.