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Phocos AnyGrid PSW-H-5000W-48V, 5kW All-in-one Hybrid Inverter/Solar/Charger

Phocos AnyGrid PSW-H-5000W-48V, 5kW All-in-one Hybrid Inverter/Solar/Charger
Phocos AnyGrid PSW-H-5000W-48V, 5kW All-in-one Hybrid Inverter/Solar/Charger

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Phocos AnyGrid PSW-H-5000W-48V, 5kW All-in-one Hybrid Inverter/Solar/Charger

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Any-Grid™ Hybrid Inverter Charger

The Phocos Any-Grid PSW-H Inverter Charger Series (Pure Sine Wave Hybrid) represents Phocos’ most versatile line of inverters/chargers. Flexibility and reliability are key characteristics of this product line, with a strong potential for cost saving opportunities in real world conditions. The Any-Grid PSW-H converts DC (Direct Current) energy into AC (Alternating Current), with multiple advantages beyond standard inverters. This product includes an integrated MPPT charge controller and can function as an AC to DC battery charger, which provides flexible energy access solutions in a broad range of applications.

The battery can be charged from solar and/or an AC source (public grid or generator), with easily programmable priorities. The Any-Grid PSW-H can function without an AC source or alternatively even without solar, as a pure uninterruptible power supply (UPS). When the utility grid or AC generator fails, the Any-Grid PSW-H immediately switches to ‘Off-Grid’ mode within 10 ms (typical, in UPS mode) to securely power the loads at all times. Solar can be set as the priority energy source to save electricity costs. 

The Any-Grid PSW-H can function in a battery-free mode. In this mode, for installations with stable public grids, grid energy consumption can be reduced without the need to invest in a costly battery bank. Additionally, power can be supplied directly to loads from the grid and solar simultaneously.

Product Features

Flexible, advanced features with options to solve many common challenges in the field

Integrated high-voltage MPPT charge controller(s). The high-voltage PV connection means in most scenarios the PV modules can simply be connected in series of one or two strings, avoiding costly combiner boxes and string fuses or diodes, thus reducing total system cost

Integrated AC battery charger

Charge controller(s) function(s) even if inverter is turned off to keep batteries fully charged

Compatible with Lithium batteries

Functions even without an expensive battery to reduce energy consumption from the grid with minimal investment

Detachable display / communication unit with 6 LEDs and an intuitive LCD screen

High level of connectivity: BLE, USB-OTG (on-the-go), CAN Bus, RS-485, RS-232, relay for generator start

Datalogger with up to 60 days of data storage

Compatible with Phocos Any-Bridge™ AB-PLC and PhocosLink Cloud for remote monitoring & control

Integrated buzzer for error indications

Galvanic isolation of battery allows positive or negative grounding of the same

Up to 9 inverters can be connected in parallel, 3-phase or split-phase  for up to 58.5 kW of synchronized AC power

Washable filter reduces dust buildup in the inverter

not CSA approved yet!

Model Number


Output voltage nominal


Output continuous


Output surge

10,000W (5sec)

Output wave form

Pure Sine Wave

Input Voltage (DC)


Solar continuous output

4800W (2400W per MPPT)

Max PV Voltage (Voc)


Max Usable PV Current

30A total (18A per MPPT)

PV Starting Voltage


Number of MPPT


Max AC-Coupled Input


Idle Power




Typical Efficiency

96% (from PV), 90% (from Battery)

Battery Charge Output


Min. operating temperature


Weight (Shipping weight)


Dimensions (l x w x h)

23" x 17" x 5.8"


2 years