We stay committed to providing our customers with products at affordable prices, good service, low shipping costs and knowledgeable technical support. We are looking forward to provide you with your renewable energy needs!

We can get a product for you even if it isn’t listed here!


    Pricing and Warranty Policy. Here at N.A.P.S., we help our customers design their system to fit their own personal electrical needs and budget. We do not charge for this service. Regardless of the system size you begin with we can design it, with your approval, so the major parts of the system can be added to at any time without having to replace existing components. We offer an across the board 5% discount on complete system orders totaling over $15,000. This discount does not apply to taxes, shipping and insurance costs. All products are priced but are subject to change with a significant rise or fall of the Canadian dollar. The prices do not include taxes, shipping costs or insurance to protect your shipment during transit.
Most of the product warranties are stated in our catalogue. Solar modules have 20 to 25 year warranties, but a solar module warranty of any length, is somewhat redundant. Module failures occur only in about 1 in 10,000 modules. Regardless of make! Using higher output power modules in medium to large installations require less investments in labour, panel mounts or sun tracker, and wiring between the modules.


   No Presized Kits. You will not find prepackaged solar or wind power systems listed in this catalogue. In nearly every instance where a generic power system is purchased, it is either inadequately sized to supply the amount of elctricity required, or produces more than is required. This means redesigning, upgrading and added costs to make the system do what you desired in the first place.


   Stocking Policy. Except for batteries, custom manufactured and larger items, we stock most of the products we sell for fast shipping and delivery. For out of stock items you will be contacted and given an approximate date for shipping. Appliances, batteries and other larger orders in some instances may be drop shipped directly to our customer.


   Shipping Policy. We can ship orders to any destination in Canada – from coast to coast to coast. We have shipping accounts with Parcel Services and various truck-lines. Smaller orders can be shipped expedited parcel or bus and we can ship C.O.D. for total charges.


    Technical Support. We are proud of the technical support we offer our customers. We are prepared to help our customers solve any problems they might encounter quickly and successfully.